Hot! Protective Style: Cornrows with a Side Ponytail

Brenesha writes:

I wanted to share my cornrow style.  I bought hair to add to the cornrows, but ended up getting the wrong kind of hair.  I was disappointed, but my stylist assured I would still like the style.  I have been transitioning for 6 months now.  The last time I got cornrows with added hair, my hair was so tangled.  I think this was a blessing in disguise because I really didn’t want to deal with taking out the cornrows with the extensions.  She braided the same exact way I wanted it (pic included) and just braided the ponytail so when I take it out, it will be wavy.  To all of the transitioners, I suggest you find someone who can braid and braid your hair every once in a while to give your hair a break.  My hair has grown a great amount since I have been putting my hair in protective styles and have not used any heat besides my hooded dryer when I do rollersets.

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Thanks, Brenesha

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  1. Dang, your braider snatched up ALL the baby hair, lol. Wow your braids are gorgeous and I love the style. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I like it a lot…very cute.

  3. Thank you ladies!!! I will share more styles soon!

  4. I never do protective styling, but I have been thinking about it. I like this look. I think I would go for this look rather than the original photo too.

  5. So cute. I really like that.

  6. That is really cute. I’d try it, but I’ve never looked good in cornrows or even braids. I actually like it better than the pic you gave your stylist.

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