Hot! Holiday Gift Ideas Pt. 1

Swarthy Daisy

Swarthy Daisy Tote Bag Filled with Natural Hair Kit $40

Any natural in your life will love you forever if you buy her one of these. This was on sale last week, and I got one in celebration of my 10 year natural hair anniversary. It was like Christmas when I opened the box. There are things that I have thought about trying, but I never made the effort to find them. Swarthy Daisy found them for me. She put lots of them in this box. Some of the items included: denman brush, wide tooth comb, hair towel, clips, hair accessories, various combs, and more.

 Great gift for new naturals. Also a great gift for those of us who just want to stock up on some new tools.If you are interested in something a little different, you could get one of her shirts with that cute logo for $25.

Divine Clementine’s Dope Soap on a Rope

MadamCJ, the creator of these soaps, makes her soap with local goat’s milk in Atlanta where she lives. I tried her peppermint soap. It smelled great, and my skin smelled and felt great after using it. Her prices range from $1-$10. These could make great stocking stuffers or get a bunch to make a nice fragrant gift.

To order, click the link on her site that says “Buy My Soap Please”.

Nubian Spheres

The prices at Nubian Spheres are ridiculously good. You can get custom made jewelry for $10, $15, it just depends on what you want. Most of her sets are under $20.  You can get a thin bangle, a chunky bangle, small earrings, large earrings, 2-piece, 3-piece, full color collection, it goes on. She also has smaller bangles for children. So, look through her album or create your own color combination. “Like” her Facebook page to see deals and sales that she posts regularly.

Click here to see a previous post that I did on her work:HERE

Tomoka’s Twists

Tomoka’s Twists sells great hair accessories and jewelry. Right now there are items as low as $12 and $14. I constantly hear great things about her items. Also, she was nice enough to give away two of her twists to readers on this blog. One of her twists was the first giveaway that I had. Show her some support this holiday season by buying a gift for someone in your life or yourself.

Visit these four sites and get some holiday inspiration. Part 2 coming soon. 


  1. I would love anyone who gave me any of these gifts. I also see some things that I want to treat myself to.

  2. Oohh, that goodies tote would be a wonderful present for a newbie!

    Hmmm…I’m kinda digging that shirt for myself…off to browse…

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