Hot! Natural Hair Report Card: Top 10 Product Lines

From September 2010-November 2010, I conducted a natural hair survey to find out what products are working for naturals. There were over 300 participants. I have compiled a list of the top ten picks in each category (Conditioners, Leave-in conditioners, Shampoos, Product lines, Moisturizers, Places to buy products, and Hair tools). Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn’t participate this year, I hope you will participate in the Natural Hair Report Card for 2011.

Thanks to all of you who are reading these top 10 lists. We have seen conditioners, shampoos, leave-in conditioners, moisture aids, places to by products, hair tool, and finally product lines. This is the last of the top 10, but on January 1st there will be a post summarizing all of the results.

Top 10 Product Lines

10. Yes to Carrots

9. Jane Carter Solution

8. Aubrey Organics

7. Organic Root Stimulator

6. Giovanni Cosmetics

5. Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth

4. Oyin Handmade

3. Shea Moisture

2. Carol’s Daughter


1. Kinky Curly

Did your favorite line make the list? If not, tell us what it is.

Click HERE for the complete survey summary.

All of the photos came from promotional photos of each line.

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  2. Love the SheaMoisture line, glad it made the list. Though doesn’t Yes to Carrots contain SLS? I was almost going to purchase them a few weeks ago in store until I saw SLS listed in their ingredients, unless they updated their product. I also didn’t like that they list “Flavor”. Who knows what other types of ingredients they are putting listed under flavor.

  3. Hello. Have you tried MopTop Hair Products? Created for frizzy, dry and unruly hair.

  4. I feel like I have the inside track on the hottest products after I read your post!

  5. So nice that @ORSHealthyHair still getting top ratings after a few years. What would you like to see in terms of a product expansion? Love the love and want to keep it locing, poppin, right!

  6. I have only used 1. I try not to be a product junkie

  7. I love! Here I always find a lot of helpful information for myself. Thanks you for your work.

  8. I have used #s 10, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 1

  9. I have seen good reviews on most of these products (other than this site)except Yes to Carots which is new to me but which I know Natural Review has used with success. However, I’m surprised to see the Organic Root Stimulator line. I used to use it but for dandruff control and to stimulate growth on my hair line – those products contain PARABENS!!

    This year though, I want to try the Shea Moisture line. I ignored the Miss Jessies buy 1 get one because I want to try the whole range of Shea Moisture products pictured above instead. Since it is available at Target I will try it with some of the Curls for Target line some time in Feb or March

  10. I love Shea Moisture! I want to try Oyin soon.

  11. More comments from FB:

    M.J.- yay lines im planning on trying for the new year are on the list as well as ones im already using. You are so helpful natural review!

    R.R.- ‎2 of my favorites made the list :) also 2 of the lines Im planning to try were on the list.

    L.G.- that’s the hair line I use. it’s very good and grows healthy thick hair.

    C.H.- I love some of these lines, and I would like to try the others.

    D.B.- Love KC line!!! I just received some of the Afro Veda line and sadly I don’t like it ;( I will finish up and move on to Shea moisture. I love the convenience of being able to go to Target and p/up what I need!

    J.M.- Since I’ve tried Oyin nothing else much has compared. There was a learning curve, but once I got it…hair was gorgeous.

  12. Wish I could win these products, lol!

  13. Carolyn A Thomas

    I love the defining that Kinky-Kurly Custard gives but I want the softness to remain in my hair..anyone have any suggestions? I am definitely going to try the Shea Moisture Line.

  14. Some of these I am familiar with and even have in my closet. But, no my current favorite product line didn’t make the list, which is “my honeychild” :(

    Take care,


  15. Comments from FB:

    L.H.- Good list.

    T.J.-M.- I love that I found the Shea Moisture line. so yes my fav made it.

    L.T.- Can you say I have some of everything on your line up except the ORS & Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth. PJ ism at its best

    C.T.- I’ve only tried 2…I am really interested in the Shea Moisture line…where do I find it?

    T.S.G.- Taliah Waajid & Shea Moisture RULE!!!!

    C.T.- Girl, I’m a junkie too!!! Have been every since i discovered Beauty Supply Stores….like crack to me!!! LOL!!!!

    J.V.- Carolyn some target stores carry it. I agree that these top ten lists are wonderful and I’m glad I’ve tried several off these porducts already. Excited about trying some new ones as well! Thanks!

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