Hot! Henna Q&A

I have gotten a lot of questions about henna recently. I was answering them on my Facebook page and on Twitter, but it made me think that I should do a post. I’m sure there are other people who have the same questions. The ones that follow are the ones that I have been asked regularly.

1. What is henna good for?

According to Henna for Hair: Henna is a natural colorant, a hair strengthener, and has other benefits such as reduction of dandruff.

2. What brand should I use?

There isn’t one specific brand that you should use. You just want to make sure that it is body art quality henna.

3. How long should I leave henna in my hair?

This answer will vary depending on who you ask. I’ve heard everything from 2 hours to over 12 hours. I leave mine on for 2-4 hours. If you want the color to be stronger, you may want to leave it in longer.

4. Does henna have to sit before I apply it?

People let henna sit before applying to give the dye more time to release. Because I don’t use henna for color, I apply mine as soon as I mix it.

5. How often can I apply henna?

Monthly is considered to be a regular henna schedule, but you don’t need to do it that often.

6. Can I use henna if I have dye in my hair?

You can only if it is body art quality henna (as mentioned before). Henna that isn’t pure can have a bad reaction when applied to hair that has been dyed.

7. Does henna come in colors?

Pure henna does NOT come in colors. Sometimes cassia is referred to as “blonde henna”. Indigo is sometimes referred to as “black henna”. Neither one is really henna. If your henna says that is a specific color, you want to double check the ingredients.

8. Where can I buy henna?

An Indian grocery store is the best place because they usually sell henna for lower prices than you can find online, and you can avoid paying for shipping. If not, I have purchased henna from

9. Is henna hard to wash out?

Yes. I won’t lie. You will need to wash your hair several times to make sure you get it all out. I usually wash with just water first until I have gotten a good amount of the henna out, and then I cowash with an inexpensive conditioner because you may use the entire bottle.

10. Will henna change my hair color?

If you have dark hair, henna will give it a red tint. It doesn’t lighten your hair color. It will color grays a reddish-orange or red color. People with lighter hair will get more noticeable results. The tint in my hair has gotten more intense with repeated uses. You still can only see it in the sun or in certain light.

Please check out my other Henna posts for specific recipes.

Please leave additional questions or information in the comments section.


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  3. Great FAQ….What do I use to mix with the henna?

  4. I am gonna try Henna soon one day! My interest is now piqued again!

  5. thank you for this post. i’m gonna try to henna my hair friday night, and this was a great FAQ. i still have some more research to do (currently browing through your henna tag) but that’s a great start!

  6. Great post

  7. Thanks so much for this post. I am going to try henna soon, and this answers a lot of my questions.

  8. A few tips on Natural Remedies for Faster Hair Growth :

    Aloe Vera and Honey :Cut three aloe vera leaves and scrape off the gel. Mix the gel with honey, and apply it to the scalp. Let it work for 20 min and rinse it thoroughly then.

    Potato Water :When cooking potatoes do not throw away the water. Allow it to cool and rinse your hair with it. This rinse accelerates hair growth.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, henna can also be used similar to a clear rinse (providing shine).

    The rinsing out part is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to try henna. I’m not too keen on using products that cannot easily be rinsed out.

    • Yes, it can help provide shine. I put henna on my little sister’s hair. She has sisterlocks. I don’t think it was much harder to wash out of hers than it was to wash out of mine.

  10. Comments from FB:

    C.H.- Thanks for this. I am interested in trying henna, but I wasn’t sure where to start.

    B.S.- I tried your coconut milk mix. It made my hair sooo soft.

    S.H.- I absolutely love henna! My friend Michele mixed up a batch and put paprika, cinnamon, and some peppermint oil (I think) in it. She applied it to my hair & wrapped my head with press-and-seal wrap. I washed it out the next morning after ……a good night’s sleep and loved the results!

    I didn’t have the color that I was looking for (there was a reddish/ brown tint that was only noticeable in the sunlight) but it was soooooo soft and curly! I finally had the “wash & go” look I was craving. It can be a bit messy and the henna definitely stains anything that it touches if you leave it too long on any surface, but I just adore the way it makes my hair smell afterwards (the scent lasts for about 2 weeks)!!

  11. Excellent Post. A good list “frequently asked questions” to refer to. Thanks for all of your help with my Henna Experiment!

    Peace :-)

  12. That happens for some people, but I never experienced that.

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