Hot! What Are Your Best Natural Skin Care Tips?

My older sister has always had beautiful skin, and people always ask her what she uses. Her response is so simple. She drinks a lot of water. She always has. She doesn’t spend tons of money on skincare products. She keeps a basic skin regimen that includes drinking water regularly. I have started to drink more water, and I can see the difference in my skin already.

Also, we forget that butters are not just for hair. Try that shea butter, mango butter, or whatever other kind of butter you like on your skin. The only way you know what works is through trial and error, so experiment.

What have you learned through your own trial and error? What are your best natural skincare tips?

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  2. Comments from Facebook:

    M.S.- i have noticed that with my skin. if i drink water regular atleast 4 times a day and lay off all the junk food my skin clears up and im 19. i dont have bad acne or anything but a few zits only when i eat alot of junk food and drink alot of soda. so im going to try and drink more water.

    A.W.- Yup ive been drinking nothing but water, n if I need some time of flavor then I hit the orange or apple, grape juice. Now my skin look so much better then it did in my earlier teens n earlier 20s

    M.N.- Water,water,and more water. I mix a coffee scrub that I use to exfoliate 2-3x a week, witch hazel as a toner or green tea and aloe vera as a moisturizer. I love mango/shea butters and aura glow. I also try to eat as clean as possible.

    C.L.- Evco as my facial moisturizer ; mixed w/ evoo in the colder months

    P.L.- Aye lots of water, fresh air, and exercise

    B.F.- apple cider vinager as a toner, black soap as a wash and olive oil to mositure= clear skin

    E.W.- I drink at leat 2 liters of water a day and that keeps my skin and hair looking good. But, I make sure I drink it early throughout the day to lessen those nighttime bathroom trips because my skin also looks better when I get enough sleep.:)

  3. Drinking clean water makes you feel refreshing. Proper waste disposal to maintain healthy body and avoid from acne and wrinkles. Universal solvent to solve all your problems in skin care.

  4. Drinking plenty of waters or 8 glasses a day renew your inner cells that can achieve youthful glowing skin. It adds on regular exercise and eating healthy foods. It matters most, on how you can be dependent on what your beauty can respond on your daily doings.

  5. Yes To Carrots cleanser and exfoliater are my favorite must have skin products. I also adore shea butter-especially on damp skin, for it just moisturizes so well. Makes my skin feel so smooth and soft.

    Nevertheless, good H2O is awesome for one’s overall health and beauty care inside and out.

  6. I make my own body scrub w/ sugar, lemon (or lime) juice . Sometimes I add in a few drops of any body oil or olive oil. It smells delightful and is far cheaper than scrubs in the stores!

  7. 1. Develop a routine. (I wash, tone and moisturize my face every day. Once a week I also exfoliate & use a mask)
    2. SLEEP. – I need a good night’s sleep
    3. Stress. – I make sure to keep this down.
    4. Well Being & Contentment – I keep my soul and spirit at a place of center, this radiates through every part of my life including my skin.
    5. Make Up – I hardly wear any. Once every few months I wear mascara.
    6. Water – But you covered that!
    7. Hair Products – I watch the amount of hair products I use. Too many oils and creams and butters drip their excess on my face and my face isn’t always happy about that.

    Those are some of my tips!

  8. Comments from FB:

    C.A.- Make ur own toner with witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and tea tree oil. 45 45 10

    B.C.- Black soap and use cocoa butter with sun screen…

    C.B.- Lavender is also an antiseptic. U can get Lavender EO, and apply it to dry up acne (very sparing on a q-tip)In the summer I wash my face with Tea Tree Castile

    T.D.- You do NOT need separate hair & skin products… hair an an extension of your skin…. if it irritates one, it will the other…if it is bad for one, it will be bad for the other…. Keep it SIMPLE…Dont be fooled by commercialism & youtube “experts” who are simply product junkies

    S.J.S.- I use Pam natural koko soap from skin essence my nose greasy I will put regular so on it to dry it out on purpose I’m loving my natural hair results 2 its getting so strong & its growing

    H.L.- Egg white masks work wonders, during puberty my Mom gave me one once a week to remove impurities.”

  9. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but the only thing that’s worked consistently for me is to cleanse my face w/coconut oil or Skin Obsession’s Peel Cleanser and moisturizing with Skin Obsession’s Peel Moisturizer.

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