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I saw a post in a Facebook group some months ago discussing the difference in how people purchase hair care products and how they purchase skin care products. Many of the commenters felt that ingredients in skin care products weren’t as important to people as they are in hair care products. They mentioned that scent seemed to be the primary decision maker. They also discussed that customers are willing to pay more for better ingredients for their hair care products, but not for skin care products. Is this true for you?

Are ingredients in skin care products important? Are they as important as ingredients in your hair care products?

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  1. If I’m being honest I do pay more and put more importance in hair products. I didn’t realize I was doing this, but reading this made me think.

  2. I feel it is more important because the skin is the largest organ of the body and whatever you put on it get absorb into the body, something directly into the blood stream. Which of course affects our health.

  3. I’ve only recently become more conscientious about ingredients in my skin care routine, but wish I’d done so sooner. I used to be able to do anything and use anything on my face and it was still fine. Then stress and a crazy work schedule left me breaking out, so I’m having to work harder to keep my skin in check.

    Maybe b/c lines/wrinkles/etc hasn’t been as big a concern in our community, we are less inclined to put out more $$ for skin care products. On the other hand, you do see non-women-of-color not think twice about paying top dollars for skin care products, particularly those that fight signs of aging. Very interesting topic!

    • I agree that it’s easy to ignore skin issues when we’re younger. When we aren’t thinking about the health of our skin. I am already starting to see a difference, and it makes me realize that I need to take better care of my skin.

  4. I’m very strict about both. I use the same rules for skin that I do for hair. No petroleum, parrabens, or anything artificial. Currently, I’m using coconut oil for a body moisturizer and love it.

  5. I am starting to get more strict about both

  6. I find that I do put more emphasis on on hair care products. I guess it’s because I feel and see the difference in my hair when I use bad ingredients. When I use inexpensive items on my skin it still feels good.

  7. I was literally thinking about this in the shower this morning. My rationale is that hair care products on my hair and stay there for a while, as opposed to body products which get rinsed off each day. In reality tho, it should really be the same. I’m in contact with them both. Why should I not allow polypropylene glycol on my hair, but use it in a hand lotion, which could potentially end up in my mouth or eyes?

    P.S. – I like your new layout!

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