Hot! Do You Pre-Poo?

This post came about from a message I got from a friend. She’s been hearing about pre-pooing and wanted to try. So, this is for you and her.

Pre-poo is a treatment that you do before shampooing your hair. Here is how I do it:

  • I use olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or some combo of oils most of the time. I’ve also used aloe vera gel mixed with oil.
  • I saturate my hair
  • Cover with a plastic cap.
  • Let it sit for 30-45 minutes
  • Shampoo as usual.

I find that when I pre-poo, it leaves my hair softer and feeling more moisturized than when I don’t. I don’t pre-poo every time I wash my hair, but I might do every other or once a month. You can gauge for yourself how often is good for you. You may also want to experiment with different products to decide what is best for you to use in your pre-poo mixture.

Do you pre-poo? If so, how often? What do you use?

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  1. No do not prepoo, I feel that it is not necessary to pre-poo, just wash hair, ensure that scalp and hair is clean, condition hair with conditoner and extra virgin coconut oil under hair dryer for a few minutes.

  2. Nope, too much work for me lol

    I used to do it when I first started out, and I totally get the reason behind it, but I find that if i wash with a proper shampoo and moisurize correctly, I don’t need it.

  3. I pre-poo often, probably at least once a week. My go-to product is coconut oil, and I usually leave it on for at least an hour with a plastic bag. It makes my hair so moisturized and so much easier to detangle.

  4. I pre-poo every time I wash my winter regimen is every 2 weeks I use a mixture of honey and olive oil leave n 30 min. To and hour and shampoo out!
    I have found this to add moisture and shine to my hair.

  5. Comments from FB:

    J.M.K.- No I don’t. My hair is conditioned 7 days a week with my hair butter concoction so it is always soft with the coconut oil locked into my hair shaft. ;-)

    B.S.- I love to pre poo with coconut oil. I’ve tried other things, but that one is still my favorite.

    Y.S.M.- Yes, It helps me with detangeling my “9f” hair, by adding much needed slipage.

    B.M.M.- I like to prepoo with the same oil’s but my hair is usually wet first, and after i finger comb my hair to help get reid of some of the sheded hair before i shampoo, but washing my hair is usally a two hour production, that includes the shampoo, conditioner and detangling

    T.P.- Same here Brina! I would like it to be softer. I have super thick course hair, going to try pre-Poo.

    N.P.W.- I love to pre poo…i use aloe vera juice, honey, castor oil, evoo,jojoba, & whatever conditioner I have….shake it up in my little juice spout container thingy (lol) and apply all over….put plastic cap on for at least 30 mins sometimes an hour….hair is super soft and detangling is a breeze.

  6. Luvnmynatural20

    Yes I do prepoo(A mix of oils and honey, got the idea from–> I think?). I can tell a difference when I don’t prepoo. My hair feels moisturized and easier to comb through.

  7. I use a aloe vera gel/castor oil pre-poo. It has awesome slip and leave my hair moisturized after washing.

  8. I have never pre-pooed, but i’m sure my lovely locks would benefit greatly for it….I’m going to have to try it soon.

  9. Comment from Twitter:

    sweeternadiah@naturalbyl: Yes, I use Vatika (coconut oil with Ayurvedic herbs).

  10. I am going to start!

  11. I tried Pre-pooing once it didn’t work out that well. I’ll just stick to my regular routine!

  12. I have been pre-pooing before every time I shampoo. It definitely makes a difference in detangling and how soft my hair is post-washing. I use coconut oil, or olive oil. I also have the Burts Bees pre-poo avocado treatment which is really good.

  13. Comments from FB:

    L.W.- I put Taliah Waajid stimulating shampoo on the scalp. Massage for 1 minute than let it sit on the scalp for 2 minutes. Then I shampoo with the rest of Taliah Waajid shampoo line, and follow up with the conditioner and healing oil.

    J.K.- hmmm….scalp exfoliation…sounds blissful. what do u use to do that??

    C.H.- I just recently starting pre pooing. I love it. It reminds me to treat my hair sometimes and give it some special attention.

    M.J.- If I do prepoo I use EVOO.

    Ki. B.- has anyone used honey at all for a pre-poo. i thought i have read somewhere or possibly viewed a video using honey along with an oil. i am not certain. nevertheless, does anyone have any suggestions using the honey? and the scalp exfoliations does sound interesting. :)

    L.W.- I use the entire Taliah Waajid and Carols Daughter shampoo line for my shampoo procedure. The clients love it!

    J.K.- i do pre-poo from time to time. i use EVOO.

  14. I prepoo sometimes and sometimes i dont. I don’t use shampoo often at all so its very seldom in my regimen. Although i probably should add it. I prepoo my baby sis’s hair though

  15. I do these monthly also. I use castor oil or some other oil that I like for my hair. I forget about mine sometimes too. Lol. I saw someone else mention that.

  16. I use coconut oil or olive oil

  17. I have never tried, but I want to now after looking at this post. I’m looking over everybody’s responses and seeing what I want to use.

  18. Comment from Twitter:

    naturallytia@naturalbyl more in the winter months. I’ll do a hot oil treatment with coconut oil as a pre-poo

  19. Comments from FB:

    B.S.- I pre poo with olive oil

    A-R.- Castor oil.

    A.J.- Hairveda Vatika frosting

    J.D.O.- hmm interesting i must try , thx

    P.M.- Never heard of this before… and angelique what is haireda vatika frosting??

    K.B.- Khemet Botanicals Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil works great for a pre poo or mix with our Lemongrass Sage Conditioner for an after shampoo treatment. Coconut oil is the best to use because it penetrates the hair shaft due to it’s molecular weight.

    S.U.- No, I don’t pre-shampoo. Seems like a waste of time to me.

    P.M.- Jus read your review… it sounds worth trying… thanks again for the post and keeping us informed…

    K.B.- @S.U., personally I think a pre shampoo treatment is only needed if you are doing a ACV treatment or scalp exfoliation. Oils penetrate the hair shaft to the cortex much better if it is wet. Thus, post conditioning treatments (oil based or oil based + conditioner) are prefered

    S.U.- I know it can be beneficial to the hair… I still do it from time to time but for the most part I just kinda feel like this >>> @_@ lol

    N.F.I.- Vitamin E oil or pure coconut oil

  20. I love pre-pooing. Only problem with me is that I’ll put it in and forget I was gonna wash and it done dried up!! LOL

  21. I <3 a good pre-poo. As with everything else I treat my hair as needed. When I find that my hair is dry/tangled/matted or just in need of a little TLC I give it a pre-poo to bounce back.

    My hair likes an oil/humectant/condish blend for my pre-poo. My basic recipe includes 3 ounces basic cheapy condish like suave coconut. 2 ounces of safflower, olive or coconut oil. 2 ounces natural humectant honey or agave nectar. Place ingredients into a color applicator bottle and shake well until blended then I apply to my hair and scalp. Cover with plastic cap and allow to sit for 20 minutes or longer. Then rinse with warm water.

    My hair always feels amazing afterward.

  22. I tried to once and I had an oily mess, but I did it completely wrong. I wet my hair first, THEN tried to place the oil on my hair. Also, I used some oil blend I bought in Walmart that contained silicones instead of a pure oil like extra virgin olive oil or organic virgin coconut oil. Nearly bust my behind in the! I plan to try it again, this time with the right products. Your recipe looks easy, I’ll try that one next time!

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