Hot! Gallery Product Review: Whipfinity

Lovingly and Naturally Designed sent me a sample of their product, Whipfinity.

5 Things I Loved About Whipfinity

  1. It has excellent ingredients- unrefined shea butter, argan oil, grapeseed oil, virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, rosewater, aloe vera, vitamin e, essential oil
  2. It has a great creamy texture
  3. It absorbs nicely into the skin
  4. The moisture lasts for a long time
  5. Nice light scent

I love Whipfinity. It is definitely one of my favorite butters. I tried it on my hair and skin, but I used it primarily on my skin. It came in the mail when my family was visiting from Philadelphia. I took it out to use after washing my hands. One by one everyone held their hand out to try. They all loved it just as much as I did.

One thing that set it apart was the texture. It’s soooo creamy. With other butters I’ve found that the texture was grainy after the butter melted and resolidified. After I forgot the Whipfinity in the car, I found it completely melted. I took in the house and let it cool off. I was surprised to see that the texture remained smooth. I will continue to use this product. It comes in four sizes 2 oz ($5), 4 oz ($10), and 8 oz ($15), and 16 oz ($27).

If you’re interested in purchasing, visit their website

Have you tried Whipfinity?


  1. Whipfinity is such a great catch! It has helped me on 2 fronts; 1 was my permed hair. It made my perms last longer. & 2 on my natural hair after I cut it. Whipfinity can keep a press out with lots of body like a perm & brings back my natural curls & waves after a good wrap. & it def keeps the skin soft for Hubby. (:

  2. This is a great product! I love it for my skin & hair. It’s a staple of mine, & I tell everybody about it.

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