The Essentials of Skincare


Shawneila writes:

Let’s face it, we all have it and lots of it too! When we’re well, it shows the world our inward state and when we’re not feeling too great, it also let us know when we need a little TLC. What is it? Skin! As the largest organ of the body, the skin is a delicate barometer of our overall health and wellness, therefore caring for this precious protective barrier is essential. The skin on our face is very sensitive especially when it comes to skincare and protection. Here are some skincare essentials for beautiful, radiant skin all year around.

Cleansers- Yes,  even with “perfect” skin, cleansing is still important. Cleansing helps to remove debris, pollutants and other products from our skin (because some of these are actually absorbed into the bloodstream from the skin). Creamy cleansers are best for dry skin as it has occlusive ingredients to keep water and oil on the skin. Gels cleanser work best for normal to oily skin types as they contain a bit more cleansing power to break through the oil and buildup.

Toners- The forgotten child of skincare, toners, astringents, and refreshers are very important. They have a very specific role in restore the skin’s pH balance,
removing excess makeup, oily, and dirt missed by washing and also helps to refresh the skin.

This step is often missed by oily skin individuals, which is a bad mistake. When the skin feels that there isn’t enough oil on the surface (this happens when
we skip the moisturizer) it send a message to the brain screaming “Hey! We need more oil” and the brain goes into overdrive producing excess oil. As oily folks
we certainly don’t want more oil (although it’s protective features keeps the skin supple and youthful) instead choose an oil free moisturizer which will
hydrate the skin. Those with dry skin, rarely skip this step as it helps the alleviate tightness and flakiness product s with natural oils work best for this skin type. Those with normal skin should also keep in mind the protective and beneficial attributes of moisturizing, oil free moisturizers are a great choice.

Sunscreens- The days of white ashy looking sunscreen are over. There are a myriad of sun defense products that not only protect the skin from harmful rays but also conditions and supports the skin’s cellular metabolism. I always recommend a SPF of 35 or more even during the winter. Remember, whenever there is light, sun damage is occurring so be sure to wear sunscreen every day!

Skincare maintenance does not have to be complicated nor an enigma. Remember these simple products and you’re skin will thank you both now and later.

Love and Peace Always,

You Beauty and Wellness Advisor-Ms .Pierre



Shawneila Pierre (Atlanta, GA) has over ten years of combined experience in the field of beauty, wellness and personal empowerment. Her passion and drive for beauty is evident from her work with BET and Covergirl’s Campaign “My Black is Beautiful”, Jasmine Guy, and Dead Prez “Beauty Within” Music Video as a Makeup Artist. In addition to her love of esthetics, Shawneila is also a dynamic motivational and empowering coach for youth where she speaks about self esteem, self-love, dreaming and living big, and how to create the future you want no matter where you are. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Shawneila extends her passion and work to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking population. Shawneila is a Licensed Esthetician (skin therapist) and founder of NUE Image Skincare and Wellness. She can be reached at  or 678-701-8775 for speaking engagements, bookings, services,  questions/comments.



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